Tricks for Treating Halloween Healthier

By Sarah Koszyk, MA, RD October 12, 2012

Getting ready for my favorite costume-wearing holiday of the year: Halloween! Tricking has been out for a long time, but treating is always a custom and can bring challenges.  What do we do when our kids are overloaded with sugary goodies?  Here are 5 quick tips to make the candy-fest holiday a little healthier:

  1. Give out stickers, coloring pens, squeeze balls, yo-yos, temporary tattoos, or other non-food type goodies that are fun, festive, and useful. This way you also don’t have leftover candy for the Treaters at your home.
  2. Cut your kids’ candy goods in half to reduce the sugar load. Have your kids separate the candy into 2 piles: favorite and non-favorites. Offer them a penny or a nickel for all the non-favorite items. They can use the money to buy art supplies or something else non-food related. 
  3. #3. Set candy plans. Give your kids a choice to select 1 to 2 candies per day. Allow them to enjoy the goods in moderation. Make sure they aren’t eating the candy in addition to eating extra sweets and treats.
  4. Keep the candy out of sight. Many times the kids will forget. If they remember, that’s their 1 to 2 candies per day to choose from.
  5.  Make sure the kids have eaten before going out to Trick or Treat so that they have a full belly and will snack less on the candy while walking around (parents should do this, too).

Remember, we are role models for our children so when they see us eating a lot of candy, they’ll want to join in the fun. Keep it simple and healthy with these solutions and focus on making those costumes the best costumes they can be!

*Sarah Koszyk is a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Coach. She developed Family. Food. Fiesta. by bringing back the basics of home-cooked meals and fun family times. Read more of her blog at www.sarahkoszyk.comYou can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.