February is All About LOVE!

Do what you LOVE, LOVE what you do!

By Kiley Sabatino February 15, 2013
It's all about LOVE my friends.

Love yourself, love yourself, love love love.  Do what you love and love what you do.  Living your healthiest life is pretty easy when you love it.  It's not about deprivation, it's about embracing the things you love and putting a healthy spin on your vices.  Love to hike outdoors with the dog or the fam, but hate spin class more than life itself?  Then HIKE MORE, silly!  Do more things you love and less things you don't.  Fitness that doesn't feel like fitness is still fitness, but it's also healthy for the mind, not just the body.  Just can't seem to hop on the kale train?  So, take your favorite meals, look up healthy versions of those recipes, and enjoy 'em!

What's an active hobby you love to do that's so fun it takes the work out of work-out?  It could be hitting the slopes, a kayak ride, or salsa dancing.  Something you do with the simple goal of enjoying yourself.  For me, I like to take walks down to the harbor.  Yes, I love working out and I love running outside.  Usually though, if I plan on running, I see it as a workout, as part of my regime, something to check off my 'to-do' list.

These walks, though, they’re different.  I have no agenda, just to walk.  No time requirement, no personal record goals, nothing but just going outside and putting one foot in front of the other.  I take in my surroundings, notice the weather, this beautiful place I call home, and I get this feeling of immense appreciation.  Even when it's snowing and freezing cold, I get all bundled up and just started walking.
  No phone, no time contraints, nothing.  I can always stop if I want, but I usually end up going and going...and going.

Yes, my body is moving, but these walks are so much more powerful than if I were to go to the gym or even run the same route.  I get out of my head, it's more about the heart.  I’m out there experiencing the world around me, and I’m centering myself.  Not on purpose, it just happens.  I start to think about how lucky I am to live in such a place of beauty.  And then I just think about how lucky I am in general.
  And that's a good place to be.  My body is moving and my mind stands still.  I soak up my environment and I feel immediately rejuvenated.

So, do something you absolutely love and do it often.  Be selfish, make it your priority, and love every second of it.  This month's edition has a variety of different ways to love yourself and embrace a healthier lifestyle - no matter what you love, there's something for you - enjoy!

Stay fit xo