Think Clearly: Wall Yoga

By Jenny Steadman July 12, 2013
Part of having a Fit Family is mom and dad having time to themselves to get fit and find some piece of mind. Sometimes it is all about finding the right class or workout that excites you.

When I was invited to visit the Lodge at Woodloch, I was able to try many of their included fitness classes. Recently I have been interested in trying yoga and when I saw that there was a Wall Yoga class on the schedule, I just had to try it out!

The class, "The Great Wall of Yoga," is described as: "Come hang out with us in this off the wall class which uses gravity and adjustable straps to help open the spine and develop strong core muscles." 

It was a blast! I have done a few yoga classes over the years and I always find that I have a hard time holding the poses long enough to really feel the stretch you are supposed to benefit from them. Wall Yoga takes care of this! Using ball-and-socket-type wall mounts with different types of straps, slings, bars, gravity and a lot of trust, Wall Yoga is great for novice and experienced students. Novice students reap the benefits of different yoga poses and also an understanding of how the poses are truly supposed to feel. Experienced student can have a new understanding of the art and also to try different poses, especially inverted ones!

I highly recommend seeing if there is a yoga studio in your area that offers Wall Yoga. With a emphasis on flexibility and core strength as well as some meditation, it's a win-win for any busy parent!