Review: Joey Bra

For the mom on the go

By Jenny Steadman July 12, 2013
Raise your hand if you are tired of carrying around a diaper bag. Or maybe you've converted to a huge purse that is full of wet wipes and cracker crumbs. Then the time comes when you get to go out by your self and you don't take anything except your phone, keys and credit card. Oh, the freedom! But, where do you put it all?

I was so excited to have the chance to review the Joey Bra. I tried out the sports bra which came in handy when I ran a 5K and had no one to hold my license and car key. I put them easily in the zipper pocket on the side of the bra and didn't worry about them again. It didn't feel bulky at all and the zipper pocket was very easy to access. The pocket is waterproof, too! Thank you Joey Bra! 

Joey Bra also makes a fashion pocket bra for everyday wear and for those fancy nights out. You can see more about the company at and see more products on