Love Always

By Jenny Steadman September 13, 2013

Today is my dad's birthday. 

This means phone calls from the grand kids. 

My almost-6-year-old was talking to her Grandpa and she suddenly decided to say goodbye. It was right after school and Grandpa understood that she was tired so he thanked her for the call and mentioned that they would see each other soon. Then he hung up. 

Just as he was hanging up my daughter spouted out, "I love you, Grandpa!" He didn't hear it so I emailed quickly to let him know her final words of their conversation. 

This was his reply:

"Oh my, if there is anything sweeter than the love of a child I can't imagine what it would be."

These words ring in my heart. No matter how difficult and stubborn our children can be, we love them whole-heartedly and unconditionally. In return, their love for us is as pure as love can be. 

Love to you.
Love to your children. 
Love to your family!