Laugh Often & Love More: Happy Holidays!

November 15, 2013
This morning my 6-year-old daughter got on the scale to see how much she has grown. I praised her on taking such good care of her health and growing big and strong. Then she said, "When I get bigger I want to weigh more than either you or dad and be the biggest and strongest!"

This gave me the opportunity to talk about how all bodies are different and we need to take care of our own body's needs. Different bodies are different weights and different people feel their best at different sizes. We often talk about ways to keep our bodies healthy and it always involves eating good food, sleeping well and moving around a lot. But, with the holidays approaching, my mind went to a different place and this time I added that another great way to keep our bodies feeling their best is to laugh. Laugh a lot. Having fun and enjoying the people we are with is just as good for us.

In the next few weeks, many of you will be celebrating Hanukkah and Thanksgiving. What a joyous time for family and friends. While this is a time for eating (and eating and eating!) and giving, let's also remember the greater joys in life. 

As you sit around the holiday table with your family and friends, notice how much you are laughing. Feel how much love there is in the room. Don't worry about overeating pie or all of that chocolate gelt!

Want to get moving a bit more during the holidays? Check out a Turkey Trot near you! Here in my home town of Cleveland we have a wonderful 5-mile race Thanksgiving morning. They also have a 1-mile fun run that is great for the kids.

But if you can't get to one, don't sweat it. Enjoy the holidays!