Laugh Often & Love Always

By Jenny Steadman December 13, 2013
No matter what you choose to celebrate or not celebrate this time of year, whether it was Hanukkah or the upcoming Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, Christmas or nothing at all, I wish you joy, peace, laughter and love as we head into the New Year.

I grew up in a household that celebrated the miracle of Hanukkah and the joys of Christmas. We do the same thing in our home now with our two young girls. No matter what the holiday, I have always felt a special kind of magic this time of year. I know that holidays are not always joyous for everyone. For some, they are the worst time of the year. If this is you, may this time of year go smoothly and may 2014 bring you new joys. 

Here is to 2014, to you, to your family and all of your loved ones. I look forward to continuing on this journey of Family Fitness & Wellness with you!

Macaroni Love,