Stay Strong: Yoga Kids3: Silly to Calm DVD Review

By Jenny Steadman March 14, 2014

I have recently discovered the amazing benefits of yoga and can so easily see how it would benefit my girls. My 6-year-old is working hard on becoming a big kid, which is exhausting. My 4-year-old is like Jekyll and Hyde with her energy bursts. A few weeks ago I came across the DVD "Yoga Kids3: Silly to Calm for ages 3-6" by GAIAM. I just had to get it and try it out!

The DVD is fantastic. It isn't your typical yoga DVD, which encourages those practicing to stay calm and focused on their mat. It begins with "unlocking" different parts of your body, which starts with super fun tongue wagging. The practice continues with great silliness doing monkey walks and making music with your hands and feet. One of my favorite poses is "down doggity dog."

The video shows instructor, Marsha Wenig, at the beginning of each new pose but mostly shows other kids doing each pose in their own awkward way. 

She goes through multiple poses, each one being a little more still than the last, and finally ends with Breath of Fire, Peace breaths and Polar Bear pose. 

The entire session is about 25-minutes, which is just enough time to go from silly to calm!