Eat Well: Breakfast Cookies

By Jenny Steadman April 11, 2014
We all want to have cookies for breakfast. These are great for the big and small people in your house. They are as healthy as you make them and can be a great way to get good energy in your body to get your day started (or as a snack later!).

Breakfast Cookies

The base is always the same (and you can easily double this):
1 banana
1 cup rolled oats

Mix together in a food processor

Add in the ingredients of your choice and blend by hand. In the cookies pictured above I have added:

goji berries
cacao nibs
dried cherries
flax seed
Dab of peanut butter on top

Other suggestions:
chocolate chips

Bake at 350 for 12-15 minutes. Don't let them dry out too much!

Makes about 10 cookies.