Move More: Rocktape and Rock Sauce Review

Your Key to Relief and Healing

April 11, 2014
Last summer I hurt my shoulder. I was playing tennis, hit a serve and, ouch. I had been here before. I knew this pain was no good. 

I did everything I could to avoid surgery. I spent over a year doing physical therapy. I learned that it probably wasn't tennis that caused my injury as much as my lifestyle. My lifestyle is probably the same as yours. I have young kids and have been carrying at least one of them around for the better part of the last 6 years. I carry overflowing diaper bags, heavy purses, groceries, shopping bags and laundry baskets. I am constantly hunched over playing on the floor, leaning to be on kid level, emptying the dishwasher or folding laundry. I'm on my smart phone and the computer, again, hunched over. One physical therapist called it "Body by Microsoft." I call it "Injury by Motherhood." I know that I am not alone in this. 

One of the tools that helped me with my shoulder pain was kinesiology tape. I tried a few different brands but none worked as well as Rocktape. It kept my pain away by increasing blood flow to my injury and helping to reduce inflammation. Unfortunately, I wasn't playing tennis again. I am now 6 weeks post-surgery and am seeing improvements. I had not thought about wearing Rocktape to help promote my healing but, when I got a request to review the tape for Family Fitness, plus their new Rock Sauce, I realized I was missing an opportunity to help myself heal!

Last week I received 2 boxes of Rocktape and a bottle of Rock Sauce, just in time for a 5-mile race that weekend. I hadn't run that far since my surgery and was nervous about my shoulder bouncing around. I used the menthol/pain-relief Sauce to prep my skin, put on the tape and then put more Sauce on top of the tape. For hours, the tape slowly released the Sauce onto my skin and gave me the comfort and pain relief I needed for my race.

How can Rocktape help you? Rocktape isn't a brace that keeps you from moving, it helps you keep moving. The tape, put on correctly, creates room for inflammation to go down and increase blood flow to promote healing. If you are a busy parent who suffers from shoulder, neck or back pain, check out Rocktape to help get you through the day! Or maybe you are an athlete with an injury that has been holding you back. Rocktape and Rock Sauce can help you get back into your sport. Check out to find out how it can help you!