Review: Fusion Fitness Dream Body Cardio Series

December 12, 2014
The Dream Body Cardio Series was provided to me for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

We are barely a few weeks away from the New Year and with the bell chime that turns the calendar to 2015 comes a slew of resolutions. We, as a society, mostly want to lose weight and get fit. I want to encourage you to eat well and be active for your whole body. Getting your blood flowing and challenging yourself isn't only good for your biceps and waistline, it is also good for your brain! 

If you are looking for a fun and at-home but kick-your-butt workout series, you need to look no further than Fusion Fitness' Dream Body Cardio Series. The series was created by Darby Brender, a mother of 2, who knows how to give you a serious challenge while also having fun.

What sets Fusion Fitness apart is their motto, "Shock Your Body." It comes from the belief that in order to build your best body, you must constantly switch up the routine, moves and pace. Fusion Fitness does this through a uniquely designed fusion of body resistance strength training, interval and circuit training, toning, barre disciplines, power yoga, cardio kickboxing, calisthenics, pilates and more. The DVDs are each one-hour long but the workouts are easily broken down into 30-minute session. This is what I have been doing. I get up a little bit early in the morning and do 30 minutes before the rest of the house wakes up. It really kicks me into gear!

I'm not going to lie. These workouts are hard, but I like a challenge. They aren't kidding when they say "Shock Your Body." It's not about doing the workout perfectly, though, it's about challenging yourself and improving over time. My plan is to one day keep up with Darby and her fellow instructors! 

You can learn more about Fusion Fitness here. Check out the Dream Body Cardio Series I have been doing here.