Review: Jabra Sport Wireless+

Bluetooth Ear Buds for Everyone

By Jenny Steadman January 16, 2015
I love to run, but I hate to run without music.  

I have looked and looked for headphones that fit my ears well, don't fall out while I'm running and have a chord that isn't too cumbersome. I knew the answer was probably a Bluetooth headset but, which one?

I was so excited when Jabra offered me a pair of Jabra Sport Wireless+ to try. The Jabra Sport Wireless+ comes with multiple ear buds so you can find the perfect fit for you. They lock into your ears for a secure fit that won't fall out while running.

The Jabra Sport Wireless+ also answers phone calls, has a built-in FM radio and is water and shock proof. The sound is wonderful and the buttons are easy to use.  

These make a great gift for runners, gym rats, busy moms, on-the-go dads, music-loving teenagers... just about everyone!

The Jabra Sport Wireless+ does come with easy set-up instructions, but for a more complete how-to, be sure to visit the website.  

Now, get unplugged and enjoy!