By Amie Esposito January 16, 2015

As a busy mom who is conscious of all the not-so-great foods that my kids have access to, I'm always searching for new things my kids will get excited about, love to eat, are easy to take on-the-go and are loaded with good stuff for them.

ABBA Paleo Bars have met my expectations and then some! 

With easy-to-carry, protein-packed snack bars, it's easy for me to get out the door with the kids...especially on days when we are running late. Today was "PJ Day" at school and the kids had already had fruit before we left, but, they were able to snack on a yummy ABBA Paleo Bar on the ride to school! 

ABBA Paleo Bars provide 4 different delicious flavors:  

  • Whey Too Yummy  
  • Max Pro 
  • Cuckoo for Coconut 
  • Pea is for Paleo 

My daughter's and my favorite is the Cuckoo for Coconut! I'm a sucker for chocolate & coconut! My son loved the Pea is for Paleo! Not only are they packed with protein, they are also yummy. With totally organic and GMO-free ingredients like almond butter, pumpkin seeds, greens blend, flaxseed, dates, dark chocolate chips and chia seeds, I know my kids are getting other delicious ingredients and NOT loaded up with artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors!  

Did I mention ABBA Paleo Bars are low in sugar as well? That's a big plus in my house. It's the perfect snack for kids, athletes and active adults! Even my teenager loves them!

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