Eat Well: Fun Breakfast Ideas for the Whole Family

By Jenny Steadman May 8, 2015
Breakfast is the fuel for our day. The energy we put in our bodies at breakfast is the energy we are able to put out. Why not have a quality breakfast (that you sit down to eat and enjoy, please) and also mix things up by thinking out of the box. Here are some great ideas!

There are so many ways to do eggs! We often do a quick scrambled or over hard. I love this post of "How Do You Want Your Eggs?" But there is also the all mighty frittata and mini quiches; both can be made with the filings of your choice (easy or fancy - you choose!) and frozen for quick meals and snacks! Better yet, they can be eaten cold, which makes them even easier to enjoy.

Granola Cereal / Bars
Make your own for a fraction of the price of packaged cereals. Here is a great basic recipe that you can alter with your own nut, seed, seasoning and dried fruit combinations. You also get to control the sugar content - added bonus!

Chia Seed Pudding
I am in love with chia seed pudding. It is so easy to make (make a big batch and it lasts for days) and is so nutritious and filling. I like to add cinnamon and vanilla and mix in fresh fruit. This post breaks down how to do it.

Coconut Milk and Fruit
A friend just introduced me to this amazingly simple combination. This is a lot like chia seed pudding but without the consistency that some folks don't like. Use canned full fat coconut milk (for extra creaminess), mix in cinnamon and vanilla and fresh fruit. Oh me, oh my, I about fell over from the deliciousness! This would make a great dessert, too.

Turkey and Avocado Roll Ups
Deli turkey isn't just for lunch! Roll avocado and some spinach in a piece of deli turkey for a punch of protein and brain healthy fats. I like to use Applegate deli turkey.

Not Your Average Toast
Toast whole wheat or multigrain bread. Top with mashed avocado for a great creamy spread. Or....
Top with nut butter of your choice and sliced bananas. This would make Elvis proud!

Especially in the winter, my 1st grader eats oatmeal almost every day. I make a large batch on Monday mornings (2 cups of rolled oats to 6 cups of water) and heat up and flavor a portion of it each morning. I always make it creamy with milk but sometimes she wants cinnamon, syrup and apples. Sometimes she wants turmeric, honey and raisins. There is also overnight oatmeal which involves no cooking. You'll be happy in the morning when you took a few minute to prepare this the night before! Use nuts and fruits of your choice.  


Pizza for breakfast isn't such a bad idea. Last night's dinner is often an excellent protein and vegetable source. You may want to scramble it into some eggs or add it to toast! 

Ants on a Log
Celery, nut butter and raisins. Vegetable, protein and fruit. How easy is that? I like to replace the raisins with cacao nibs for an extra special (no sugar) treat! 

Miso Soup
We aren't used to eating soups for breakfast in the United States, but it is common in other parts of the world. This is wonderful in the morning, especially if it is still cool where you are. Here is a recipe. 

Bean, Tomato and Feta Salad
Cut up some cherry tomatoes and add them to some beans of your choice (black beans are my favorite), season with extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper. Top with some feta cheese. Yum!

Carrot Cake Muffins
Who says vegetables aren't for breakfast? These sound delicious! 

My basic recipe for a smoothie is:

1 cup liquid (I like coconut milk or almond milk)
1/2 banana
1/2 cup frozen berries
handful dark greens (spinach, kale...)
1 celery stalk

I then add whatever else I feel I need to get through the morning. Here are some fun and filling additions:

1/2 avocado
1 T nut butter
fresh ginger
protein powder (I like plain hemp protein powder. No added ingredients!)
cacao powder
chia seeds
hemp seeds
flax seeds (ground or whole)
whole nuts (if you have a high-powered blender)

What are your favorite out-of-the-box breakfast ideas? Comment below!