New Year's Round-Up: Food Part 1

By Jenny Steadman January 22, 2016
Products were provided to me for review. All opinions are my own.

BFree Bread

Being gluten-free, I don't eat a lot of bread. I find that gluten free breads often aren't a good replacement for the real thing so why bother? However, I am always interested to test out new products. I am happy to report BFree Bread does! What's even better, it is not just gluten-free, it is also free of dairy, eggs, nuts and soy and is completely vegan. The first thing I look at when trying a new product is the ingredient list. If it doesn't live up to my standards, I put it back on the shelf. BFree Bread's wraps, bread loaves, rolls and bagels are made from ingredients that are non-GMO and an ingredient list that is pure enough to feed to my kids. For more information, check out


This product crosses off three New Year's resolutions all at once. You get to eat a better breakfast, drink less coffee and also refrain from consuming more added sugar and preservatives. BriskBars are different than anything you've had before because the energy in them does not come from sugar or chemicals. It comes from the natural energy in plants. Each bar has 100mg of natural caffeine (that's stronger than one espresso) from guarana & maca. The bars are raw, vegan, GMO free, as well as gluten, soy, dairy and nut free. They are even kosher! With the natural caffeine, the bars are not for kids. I am not a coffee drinker, but my husband sure is. He took a sample of them to work and when I asked how they were he exclaimed, with more enthusiasm that I can show here, "those bars are great!" Available on and through their website. BriskBars is a product not to be missed!

DEAL! Briskbars is selling current stock at cost ($1 per bar). Deals are HERE. If the bulk purchase is more than you want, I recommend getting a smaller amount through

Crunchies Natural Food Company

My kids are crazy about dried fruit and the crunchier the better. The trick is finding a dried fruit that isn't sweetened. Crunchies offers the right solution! Committed to responsible sourcing, Crunchies Natural Food Company practices from farm-to-fork and all Crunchies products have only one ingredient - fruit! We received a number of flavors to sample and they were gone - GONE - within the day. My kids let me sample each fruit but they devoured the rest! Needless to say, they get a thumbs up from this household. What a great way to travel with healthy and convenient snacks for the whole family. 

Daily Harvest

This is one of my favorite things to discover - a home-delivery smoothie service. You can buy a box of six smoothies or subscribe to receive them on a regular basis. The ingredients are frozen, ready-to-blend and come straight to your door on dry ice. All you need is a blender and a base liquid. Daily Harvest is made of pure ingredients - just fruits and vegetables - so they are good for adults and kids. No longer do you need to wash, cut and prep your fruits and vegetables. They are ready for you! I am so impressed with this product. You should check it out, too!  

Notes from my 8-year-old: I really like them because all of the ingredients are right there and you can just blend it. 


I love a good bar and man, do I love GoMacro. I love them not only because they taste great, but also because they are a family-owned business and believe that healthy eating can be both convenient and delicious. Then they take it up a notch by making their products non-GMO, organic and gluten-, soy- and dairy-free. As a family, we lined up all of the flavors and did a taste test. It was hard to choose our favorite ones! (Although anything with the word "chocolate" on it went straight to the top of the list!) My husband loves them, my kids love them and I love them. They make a great breakfast on-the-go, a great mid-day snack and are super convenient when after school is busy and you need something fast that won't leave crumbs everywhere! To learn more, visit!

Mobius Nutrition

We love a good quick, easy and nutritious breakfast in our house. Mobius does this with their breakfast shakes. They revolutionize your morning nutrition with a quick and balanced breakfast that you can even take with you as you run out the door. Mobius Nutrition is a healthy mix of coconut milk, protein, caffeine, and a mixture of vitamins and nootropics to give you what you need to make it through the day. They are packaged in single servings to make your morning even easier! Pour the powdered mix into a shake cup, add your liquid and shake! Breakfast is ready! Even better, the product is non-GMO, gluten-, soy- and dairy-free. Want to learn more? Check out

Peeled Snacks

Oh, boy does my family love Peeled Snacks. We all want to eat healthy and we want our kids to eat healthy but sometimes the convenience foods just aren't that great. And sometimes you want something crunchy and salty but you want to stay away from potato chips. Peeled Snacks, made by moms for moms, makes organic fruit and vegetable snacks. My kids' favorites are the dried mangos, apples and the crunchy Apple Clusters. Me? I prefer the Peas Please in place of my other (not so nutritious) crunchy snacks. Peeled Snacks have no sugar added and are gluten-free, Kosher, USDA certified organic and non-GMO. They are available nationally in Starbucks, Whole Foods and at

Health Warrior

I'm a big fan of bars. There are so many bars out there, it is hard to distinguish between which ones are actually healthy and which ones are glorified candy bars. Health Warrior has created a great bar made out of chia seeds and other quality protein sources like oats, quinoa and peas. With flavors like honey almond, lemon goldenberry, peanut butter cacao and dark chocolate coconut sea salt, it's hard to go wrong! 

Once Upon a Farm

My kids are way past baby food but man, what I would have given to have a product like Once Upon a Farm when they were little. I am so impressed with this product and am excited to tell you about it! Once Upon a Farm is a baby food pouch that is free of preservatives, concentrates and anything else you wouldn't want to expose your baby to. With unique blends and high-flavor, this product is pure food, as if you made it yourself. To see a list of the great flavors, click here. There is limited availability right now but Once Upon a Harvest is working on a putting together a subscription service that I recommend you keep an eye out for!