New Year's Round-Up: Drinks

January 22, 2016

One of the easiest ways to feel great, get better sleep and to lose weight is to stay properly hydrated. While there is nothing better than water, a little variety always helps! Here are some great ways to keep getting the liquids you need while changing things up a bit. 


Superfood Hydration Drink Mixes

Water is great. Water is easy. Water is free. But sometimes your water needs a boost of flavor and why not add some nutrients while you're at it? Bumbleroot's Superfood Hydration Drink Mixes can help you do this! They are not only great flavor enhancers and help you through a long day but also perfect for during workouts and as a recovery drink. The base of the Bumbleroot mix is dried coconut water and it is sweetened with dried fruit and monk fruit extract. For more information and to try it yourself, check out


CORE hydration

See a trend here? Hydration. Hydration. Hydration! While people are becoming more and more aware of the fact that staying well-hydrated is one of the major keys to good health, people are also becoming aware that the


of water is important, too. Is it filtered? Is it alkaline? Is it neutral? People want to know! Core hydration fits this need because it offers a solution, working in harmony with your body’s natural pH balance to complement the levels that naturally occur in the human body. This results in a clean, crisp tasting water with the “perfect pH” of 7.4 which is within the body’s optimal pH level between 7.35 and 7.45. The plastic bottles are 100% recyclable and BPA-free. This product is wonderful for adults and kids! For more information and where to purchase, check out


Notes from my 8-year-old:

 I really like them because if you're dehydrated you can drink it and in a couple of minutes you won't feel thirsty any more.


Over and over again we hear the benefits of coconut water. It's good for hydration and packs a potassium punch. Well, move over coconut water because here comes maple water. DRINKmaple brand maple water is a premium, plant-based hydration beverage that contains only the raw sap tapped directly from the sugar maple trees on USDA Certified Organic family-owned farms in Vermont. I had seen this product in the store but didn't bother to pick it up because I instantly thought that anything with the word maple in it must be high in sugar. It turns out that maple water has half the amount of sugar as coconut water. DRINKmaple comes in a few different sizes including a juice box size, complete with a straw. No more sugary juice boxes for the kids. Give them DRINKmaple! For more information and where to purchase, check out


Notes from my 8-year-old: 

Maple water is my favorite! I really like it because I'm not a big fan of coconut water, which is healthy for you, so I like maple water because it tastes like watery syrup.



We all need a little pick-me-up. Some people enjoy a cup of coffee but not everyone does. Or maybe you want to change things up without going with a sweet drink. RUNA, a line of organic, non-GMO teas and clean energy drinks, features the powerful guayusa (gwhy-you-sa) super leaf, which has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee


 twice the antioxidants of green tea! My husband is the caffeine consumer in our house so he got to check out the multiple flavors of RUNA that we were provided. He was delighted by the subtle flavor and how the tea is unsweetened. A great source of energy!

Why is RUNA better than a cup of coffee or an energy drink? With limited amounts of sugar and a clean caffeine source, you won't get the quick energy crash that leaves you turning for that third or fourth cup of coffee. What's more, the guayusa is sourced from the Ecuadorian Amazon. By purchasing RUNA products, you are helping to improve the lives of over 3,000 indigenous Amazonian farmers. For more information, check out


Suja Juice

Need more servings of fruits and vegetables in your day? Want to get a few more in your kids' diets, too? Suja Juice has the answer for you. Their cold-pressed, organic and non-GMO products range from juices, smoothies and cleansing programs. Their kid-friendly line of juices and smoothies make a perfect addition to your child's diet and are available at national retailers like Target, Public, Kroger and Safeway. For more information, check out


The Republic of Tea

It is cold outside and we have been talking about cold drinks. Let's get onto something that will warm you from the inside out! The Republic of Tea is a specialty tea brand that helps support a fit lifestyle. They have lines of tea that are specifically for helping you with your health goals. For instance, the Be Active line contains these teas: Get Burning Tea for Metabolism; Get Active Tea for Endurance; Get Limber Tea for Flexibility. There is also the Get Lost Stackable Tea Tin (three teas to help boost weight loss) and Get Clean Stackable Tea Tin (two-week TEAtox cleansing system). I have really enjoyed trying the Get Lost teas and the Get Clean teas. They are delicious! For more information, check out