REVIEW: KrowdFit and BringIt

May 13, 2016
I was provided with a Jawbone fitness tracker and KrowdFit membership to review these apps.

By now, we all know we are more successful with support. If you have a workout partner or someone to keep you accountable from eating that whole pint of ice cream, you are more likely to find success than doing it on your own. This is why running partners, gym buddies and diet communities are so popular. 

KrowdFit and BringIt are taking the buddy system to the next level.

KrowdFit is a wellness program that rewards people for living a healthy, active lifestyle. It seamlessly syncs with wearables (currently compatible with Jawbone and Fitbit) to track your progress. The incentive behind KrowdFit is that by logging your activities (meals, sleep and fitness) with your fitness tracker, you are automatically entered to to win $150 - $5,000!

The more you log your healthy habits, the more entries you earn into the random drawings. Many users have won multiple awards. To date, KrowdFit has awarded over $500k! KrowdFit is a free app (iOS and Android) and there is a monthly membership fee. These fees work as the crowd-sourcing to pay out the winners. That's a small price to pay for the chance to win $5,000, or more!

Unlike KrowdFit, BringIt is as free as you want it to be. With the BringIt app (iOSAndroid and desktop access), you can join and create community challenges, both public and private. Some of them are free to participate in and others have a buy-in that means there is a bigger pot to win!

If you like a challenge and accountability when it come to your health, KrowdFit and BringIt are definitely for you.