Holiday Gift Guide: Home Workout

By Jenny Steadman November 11, 2016
I received product to review. Opinions are strictly my own.

Babies at the Barre
As women and new mothers, we know it is important to move. Exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle but it can be hard to get out of the house with a baby at home, especially in cold weather. Babies at the Barre is the perfect answer because everything is done online. Purchase classes, packages or gift certificates to attend the live online sessions and, bonus, baby gets a workout too! Check out for more information on this great online offering.

Muscles that are worked out are muscles that need to be relaxed. BodyworksBall, as seen on Oprah's "O" List, is a self massage tool that brings relief to stressed and tired shoulders, tight and overworked hamstrings and so much more. It is small and light so it travels easily. Find out more at


Have you ever been at your desk for so long that your legs start to cramp up or you get super fidgety? Or maybe you know you need to work out but your to-do list is too long and you don't know how to fit it all in? Then you need Cubii. Cubii is an elliptical machine that fits under your desk. Get in your run while answering emails! The Cubii connects via bluetooth to an app on your phone that tells you how long you have been moving, how far you have gone and can even track goals. This is a great gift for someone who spends too much time sitting, whether at the computer or in front of the television. It is something the whole family can use!

Infinity Rope System

Crossrope's Infinity Rope System is a great gift for someone who wants a cardio challenge. With a combination of differently-weighted ropes, you get a cardio and muscular workout at the same time. By using different ropes, you can vary the workout every time. This is a fun way for busy parents to get in a good workout quickly and effectively. There is also a workout app that is compatible with iOS and Android.

Who wants a whole body workout using just one piece of equipment? That doesn't take up a lot of space? This girl! The OYO (On Your Own) DoubleFlex is a workout that both adults and kids can enjoy. It works using resistance instead of weights, so you get a good workout without the heavy lifting. The device gives up to 15 pounds of resistance of which you can add five pounds at a time. It comes with a workout DVD and booklet of exercises to get you started, plus there are more workouts online.

Posture Stand
As anyone who works on a computer knows, posture is key to our health, yet we spend all day hunched over keyboards and phones. It doesn't need to be that way! The Posture Stand is simple, yet necessary. I have already benefited after using it for just a few weeks. I put my laptop on it when sitting or standing at my desk and set my kids' iPad on it when they are having a binge session on the couch. This is a real game-changer and the perfect gift for anyone who spends a lot of time on the computer.

sFera Balance Disc

One of the keys to overall strength is to have a strong core. One of the best ways to get a strong core is through balance exercises. The sFera Balance Disc is a great way to get that core tightened. Unlike larger balance equipment, sFera is small and deflates for easy storage and travel. It's perfect for a grown-up who needs to work on balance and strength and it is also great for kids. Learning to stay centered and balanced is key for being successful in sports and it's also a lot of fun for when they need to get their jitters out - just go balance!

Slam Ball from Rep Fitness

When looking for home fitness equipment, Rep Fitness is a great place to start. We got to try out a Slam Ball, which our whole family loves! The ball has no bounce so you can bang it and slam it all you want. It comes in many different weights, depending on what kind of workout you are looking for. We have the 10 pound ball, which is the perfect size for our elementary school kids. See more about it here.

StrongBoard Balance
StrongBoard Balance is a tool the entire family can use. Kids can use it to work on balance and muscle tone, but it feels like they are just having fun. Adults use it to up their workout game and truly start to see results. The elderly can use it for hand-eye coordination and work on keeping their balance. There are so many great exercises to do with the StrongBoard Balance that you will never get bored. I stand on it sometimes while I'm working at the computer. It keeps my joints loose, my posture tall and my core tight. Talk about multi-tasking! You can see more about it here.