Hike It Baby!

By Brook Westheimer May 12, 2017

I have always enjoyed hiking. After becoming a mother, I quickly learned that my daughter slept soundly in the carrier and being in the woods calmed both of us. I also learned that I could have uninterrupted conversations with my hiking companions. All of this made hiking an essential activity for both of us. 

Around the time my daughter was born, a local mom started a branch of a national group called Hike it Baby. Their mission is to raise a generation to love the outdoors. Through the encouragement of making it to scheduled hikes, and then hosting hikes myself frequently over the past two years, we have done just that. My daughter doesn't want to do anything but play outside, go on hikes and ride her trike. It's been great to meet and get to know (through those uninterrupted conversations) other parents and caregivers who like to be active outdoors. We also love the challenges they do a few times a year; these challenges encourage families to hike 30 miles in a month, or get outside for 30 minutes 3 times a week.

This group has been so great for me. It's been wonderful to go out and hike with other families who love moving and being outdoors. No hiker is left behind and you can stop and nurse, give out all the snacks a toddler needs, or weather a tantrum with people who get it. I hope it helps other families as well. There are 309 local branches so the chances are that there's a branch near you. Check out to find a local branch, read great tips for hiking with babies and young kids, and learn more about the Hike it Baby 30 challenges.