Want to Start Running? Get a Mini Trampoline!

By Jenny Steadman May 12, 2017

I used to run. I loved to run. I'm not talking about marathons or even 10 miles. I loved to run a solid 5K or challenge myself with a 5-miler. 

Then I hurt my knee. This dreaded thing they call Runner's Knee is no joke. You can't run through it. You can't walk it off. You have to rest and strengthen and above all things, be patient. Oh, patience. 

It has been years and I never got back into running because my knees would always hurt. So, I succumbed to the reality that I am now a former runner. 

Then I discovered the mini trampoline. We've had one for years and I had heard about exercising on it but never sought out how. I decided to give it a try and downloaded an old "ease into 5K" app I bought years ago. I've been training on the mini trampoline, with the app, for a few weeks now. Every once in a while I'll test out my training - and my knees - on the streets to see how I'm doing. Turns out it is working! This morning I ran 25 minutes outside, pain-free. It used to be I couldn't make it five minutes. This is amazing to me!

Do you want to start running but aren't sure your body can handle it? Do you want to run indoors but don't want to purchase a treadmill? Do you want an exercise that is fun for you and your kids can do, too? Then jump (pun intended) on the mini trampoline bandwagon! This is also a great way for kids to exercise indoors and get out their energy. Don't run in the house, run and jump on the trampoline!

You know what's even better? Before and after your training you can let your inner child out and jump just for fun. Exercise should be fun!