13 Tips to Stay Active as a Family All Summer Long

Get outside together to stay active as a family

By Jenny Steadman July 3, 2020

Times are hectic with the kids at home, and for some reason, I find it harder to fit in my workouts while also encouraging the kids to get outside. As a family, we've been finding more ways to move together. Some of these are activities that involve movement and some of them are working out. We believe that mixing these activities into our week makes us all feel a lot better. 

1. Check out the local track

Our high school track is the place to be! On any given day, at any given time, we can find people of all ages doing all kinds of workouts on the track and field. We love it because the entire area is fenced in which means while my husband and I run, the kids can run with us, walk at their own pace, play on the field, watch from the bleachers, or even run the stairs. It's become an enjoyable family activity. Be sure to follow local regulations when it comes to distancing and always stay safe.

2. Playgrounds

Playgrounds aren't just for kids. While the kids play, take a chance to walk laps, do some pull-ups on the monkey bars, and balance on the balance beam. Or, even better, play with your kids! Chase, climb, and swing with them. You won't regret it! Be sure to follow local regulations when it comes to distancing and always stay safe.

3. Parks

Local parks are a great place to get moving as a family close to home. Some parks offer play sets while others have duck ponds and fishing. Some offer large fields for playing frisbee or throwing a ball with the dog. Use your imagination and go wild in the open space. 

4. Hiking

Hiking trails are an easy way to keep moving and to explore your local scenery. State parks often offer marked hiking trails. A ranger can let you know which trails are suitable for different abilities. Put on some sturdy shoes, pack a water bottle and some snacks, and you can get lost in the wilderness. You'll forget you are so close to home!

5. Bike paths

To mix up the hiking trails, look for bike paths in your area. Don't want to travel with your bikes? Stay in the neighborhood and let the kids pick which way to go! Create an adventure and go as far as everyone wants to. It's more fun than your typical trip around the block.

6. Local tennis courts

Not a tennis player? Who cares! Visit a local sports resale shop, get used racquets for the family and have some fun hitting tennis balls! Be sure to follow local regulations when it comes to distancing and always stay safe.

7. Plant a garden

Working in a garden doesn't look like a lot of work, but it will use muscles you haven't felt in a long time. Let the kids choose what seeds to plant, collaborate on where to plant them, and then tend the garden together. Weeding is more of an exercise than you can believe. 

8. Walk the dog

Get Fido in on moving too. Taking the dog around the block is perfect for a mid-morning break or right after dinner. Movement helps the body digest and also can help little minds settle down in the evening. 

9. Walk/Bike to the library

This works for any activity that is close to your home. I vote for anything that is within a mile of your home is walk/bikeable. Just make sure you take something to carry your items home in. (Make sure your local library is open. If only open for curbside service, order your books ahead of time.)

10. Make outdoor art

Art can be made out of anything. Whether in your own yard or at a park, look for sticks, rocks, leaves, flowers, etc. and make a pile. Then work together to make art out of your findings. 

11. Pokémon together

If you Pokémon GO, make an adventure out of it! The more you move, the better you'll feel and the more Pokémon you will catch. 

12. Run through the sprinkler

Put on your suits mom and dad. It's hot out. You know you want to. 

13. Backyard basketball

Sending the kids out to play ball while you make dinner? As soon as dinner is in the oven, set a timer and then play a few rounds! The backyard isn't only for the kids.