Real Life Fitness Stories: Meet Diane

December 8, 2017

We want to hear from you! If you've jumped on the bandwagon, you can inspire others to do the same. Whether you're a personal trainer or play Wii Fit with your kids, you're part of the family fitness revolution. If you've made fitness a priority for you and your family, we want to know about it. I want to feature your story, your successes, challenges, and tips.

All you have to do is answer these questions and email the answers to Please send a photo we can use, too.

Can't wait to hear from you and be inspired by YOUR story!

What is your name and what town are you from?
Diane Maillet from Hudson, MA

Who makes up your family?
Myself, my husband Glenn and our children, Sarah (3) and Evan (2).

Briefly, tell us your struggles. 
We were blessed with two babies back-to-back but when I had a pulmonary embolism and a back injury in the same year, I was left with a body I no longer recognized. After having surgery for a herniated disc that winter, I purchased the Beachbody OnDemand package and never looked back! It feels so good to feel good again! With my babies being so little, I choose to not spend time heading to and from the gym. This allows me the ease of playing right inside my house. There are tons of workouts to choose from and makes it easy to workout on days when time is tight or naps last longer than usual.

How have you implemented (or plan to) your new habits with your family?
My little ones love doing "x-sizzzes" with me. They are great motivators and the reasons I want to feel good!