A Letter from the Managing Editor: Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

By Jenny Steadman December 8, 2017

I love publishing this newsletter. I spend the month gathering content, taking suggestions from you and putting together information to help you and your family on your path to wellness. This monthly column is to let you know I am here with you! I'm a mom with young children and a crazy schedule; I don't get enough sleep and have trouble eating well. We are in this together and, as a team, we can improve our lives, our families and our communities. 

How is it the end of 2017? In just a few short weeks, I'll be 42, despite the fact that my 10-year-old thinks I just turned 40. Time goes so fast. How does that happen? The cold is finally here and the holidays are quickly approaching. Hanukkah starts in just a few short nights and Kwanzaa will take us into the New Year. Then, we get to do it all over again. 

May your holidays be warm and bright and may you land gently into the New Year. I know that's my plan! 

Until next month,