Six Ideas To Keep Kids Learning While On School Break

By Carissa Garabedian February 1, 2019

In colder climates, kids have been missing a lot of school this year, and that makes it hard to stay in any kind of routine. Also, spring break is around the corner and many kids, especially those with special needs, will continue to miss the routine of school every day. On days off and longer breaks, it may be helpful for them to have some time that they are learning while at home, in order to keep some of that routine happening.

Here are six simple ideas to incorporate into your time off, if the weather allows. Some can be done even if traveling and away. Others may be easier if you're home.

1. Play games 

Puzzles, card games, tic-tac-toe, etc. All of these will allow practice in taking turns, colors, numbers, and more.

2. Have a cooking class at home 

You will have the fun of cooking, which involves measuring and fractions. There can be some sensory fun as well when mixing. You may not even eat what you make, but I guarantee some smiles!

3. Use apps and websites

There are so many sites that incorporate learning and make it fun. Ask your child’s teacher for suggestions or if they have any they would like you to use. We love the quizlets made for our son and he enjoys mastering them!

4. Take a walk

Walking will add some exercise to your day and you can easily incorporate nature into science and fitness! You may see some leaves, insects, birds, and more that your child will enjoy. Grab a few of the leaves and make an art project with them later!

5. Go to a museum

Check out your local museum for any fun interactive exhibits. Many are even offering sensory-friendly days now.

6. Visit your local library

Most libraries often host classes or craft times, or you can just grab a few books and sit together. Visiting the library also gives you a chance to practice using quiet voices. You can also rent a movie while there and watch it together, then talk about what you learned from it. Drawing the lesson that was learned is another option.

These are some great ways to keep learning fun and creative. I hope you find them helpful!

Carissa Garabedian is the publisher of and mother to a special needs child in Richmond, Virginia. Carissa also publishes the award-winning Macaroni Kid of Richmond, VA.