Real Life Fitness Stories: Meet Erin

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April 13, 2018

We want to hear from you! If you've jumped on the bandwagon, you can inspire others to do the same. Whether you're a personal trainer or play Wii Fit with your kids, you're part of the family fitness revolution. If you've made fitness a priority for you and your family, we want to know about it. I want to feature your story, your successes, challenges and tips.

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What is your name and what town are you from? Erin Grieger from Perrysburg, Ohio

Who makes up your family? My husband Wes, Ellie (8), Adelynn (6), and Laylie (3).

Briefly, tell us your struggles. When I had other moms tell me that I won't get my body back after having a baby, it made me want to show them what was possible! Then, when I got in even better shape after having my first, I wanted to tell every mom what I did because I wanted them to feel as good as I did!  

What was the turning point that made you change the way you care for yourself? I was already into fitness. However, after each baby, I learned more and more about nutrition and exercise. It became a passion to teach my girls how to be healthy because I want them to have good body image.

How have you implemented (or plan to) your new habits with your family? My girls will workout with me and know they have to have healthy food (fruit, veggie, protein) for each meal.