Start Moving With Your Family

By Jenny Steadman, Publisher of Macaroni Kid Cleveland East, OH and Managing Editor of Family Wellness May 11, 2018

As parents, whether working in an office or at home, one of the last things we are able to fit into our busy schedules in exercise. Sure, you could do it in the morning or after the kids go to bed, but who has the time - or the energy for that matter? So, let's get the kids involved! Here are some simple things you and your family can do to move more during the day:

  • Walk around the block. Take the dog to add a little upper body workout. If the kids keep getting distracted collecting pinecones, picking flowers, petting dogs... let them. Enjoy the outdoors and remember the more you are standing (instead of sitting), the more you are burning!
  • Park on the other side of the parking lot. I often use the kids as an excuse to park close to the door. Time to stop that one!
  • When you're at the playground, try the monkey bars. Balance on the beams. Walk around the playground instead of sitting on the bench. (Yup, guilty of that one.)
  • Ride your bike with the kids. Or if you're like me, grab one of their scooters! (It's fun!)
  • Make a family garden and tend to it often. It's amazing how much of a workout all of that stooping, standing, digging, and watering can be. My legs are always sore afterward.
  • Take the stairs. My kids love to push elevator buttons as much as the next, but a race up the stairs (last one up in a rotten egg!) can be even more fun.
  • Walk your errands. We are lucky that our farmer's market, drug store, grocery store, and library are all within walking distance. Why not make it an adventure?

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