Use the Power of Imagination to Teach your Kids Real-World Skills

Imagination is Another Key to a Healthy Lifestyle

By Lindsey Vanegas, DC Ranch Arts and Education Coordinator June 8, 2018

The power of the imagination expands far beyond the world of make-believe. It’s something we can use as a tool to help nurture and foster the development of real-world skills, especially for children who have the opportunity to participate in youth theatre productions and programs.

Of course, in theater there are the obvious lessons, building confidence, honing in on leadership and public speaking skills, working as a part of a team towards a common goal, etc. Then there are the lessons that are taught to us through our imagination. 

For example, The Homestead Playhouse at DC Ranch recently produced "Seussical Jr. the Musical." The play’s themes of persistence, imagination, and love resonate through the young people on the stage. Throughout the rehearsal process these actors, ages 5-15, blossomed into a collaborative family and of course, having fun making the beloved Dr. Seuss characters come to life. 

The main characters in the play, Horton the Elephant and Jojo, are seen as outcasts because of their active imaginations. In rehearsal, the young actors and actresses discuss these themes, creating an open space for their own thoughts to develop without limits. Much like imagining yourself in someone else’ shoes, acting out these characters helps the kids develop a sense of empathy and understanding of what it’s like to be considered an outcast, especially living in a society where bullying has become a larger issue. 

Imagination truly is what gets us from point A to point B. It’s in everything we do, whether we are daydreaming of a different life or imagining ourselves in a Dr. Seuss world where a floating spec is rescued by Horton the Elephant. It gives our kids safe places to become better people by understanding the power of emotions and how our actions can affect those around us.