Get Outside: Dining Al Fresco

By Jenny Steadman July 13, 2018

We are always looking for ways to get outside. Every minute of fresh air and sunshine counts and it adds up quickly. One of my favorite ways to get outside more (especially when we’ve found ourselves stuck inside all day) is to eat outside. There are multiple ways to make this happen:

  • Picnic! You can go to a park or set up a blanket right in your own yard.
  • Eat at a restaurant that features outdoor dining.
  • Grill out! Make the cooking and eating an outdoor experience.
  • Set up breakfast and lunch in the backyard. 

When I think of outdoor eating, I think of a picnic lunch or a grilled dinner, but there’s no reason to not have your cereal and coffee outside, too! Be creative, have fun, and don’t make it complicated or fancy. Remember, we are looking to add wellness to your life, not stress!