Real Life Fitness Stories: Meet Jessica

August 10, 2018

What is your name and what town are you from? Jessica Chassagne from Norco, CA.

Who makes up your family? My husband Chris and my 3 wild boys, Trevor 15, Logan 9, and Levi 6.

Briefly, tell us your struggles. While my fitness regimen has remained consistent for the past 5 years, I definitely struggle with overindulging on the weekends. I tend to have pretty good self-control, but I love enjoying the weekends with family, good food, and drinks and can get carried away sometimes. 

What was the turning point that made you change the way you care for yourself? About 6 months after giving birth to my third son, I was just over 200 pounds and did not feel good inside or out. I had high blood pressure, bad knees, a bad Starbucks and fast food habit and I was only 29! I knew that in order to change the way I felt, I needed to do something about it. I knew I needed to be able to run and jump and play to keep up with my boys and knew that in order to do that, I could not stand still. So I started walking, then jogging, and then running and lifting weights. I never looked back and was able to shed 60 pounds! 

How have you implemented (or plan to) your new habits with your family? My children have seen me, over the last 5 years, remain consistent with working out, eating healthy, and striving to be the best version of myself. I hope they continue to do this in their own lives as they grow older.

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