'New Favorites for New Cooks,' a Cookbook for Kids

By Jenny Steadman November 9, 2018

I first learned about Carolyn Federman through the Charlie Cart Project, a nonprofit that provides food education in schools through mobile kitchens and a hands-on curriculum. With this idea in mind, Carolyn has created a book of simple and delicious recipes that get kids, and new cooks of all ages, involved in the kitchen.

The book starts with a simple introduction that lays out everything from safety in the kitchen (kids! knives! fire!), a quick guide to measuring and measurements, how to use what is in your pantry, and those ever-important knife skills. 

The chapters then break into meal times:

  • Favorite Breakfast (parfaits, scones, granolas and sandwiches, to name a few)
  • Anytime Lunch (salads, pastas, fried rice, paninis, quesadillas... now I'm getting hungry!)
  • In-Between Meals and After-School Snacks (shakes, fun with fruits and vegetables, dips, flatbreads, and more)
  • Something to Drink (limeade, almond milk, teas, chai, hot chocolate, fruit refreshers... something for every season)
  • What's For Dinner? (skillet chicken, soup, pasta and meatballs, veggie sides... I'm making all of these.)
  • Sweets and Treats (my sweet tooth is throbbing with all of this deliciousness!)

I'm especially thankful for the tools-needed and cooking terms glossaries in the back of the book. Some things that come easily to some are brand new to others! 

Want to see more and buy a copy for your kitchen? Check it out here!

*I received a copy of this book for review. Opinion is my own.*