Why Moms Should Find Time to Exercise

The benefits from exercising are good not just for you, but for your whole family

By Erica Hinsdale, owner of Fit Chicks Studio March 1, 2019

Why should moms take the time to exercise on a regular basis?   

As a working mom of two boys, I can tell you from experience my answer to that question.  

Stress relief!

I went years after I had my children just trying to keep my head above water. Exercise was the last thing on my mind. I went about four years without any form of exercise outside of the occasional walk.

The longer I went without, the harder it was to start.

I would join a gym and never step foot inside. I signed up for countless 5k’s just to give up three weeks into training.  

So I get it! Life is busy and hard. Putting your health and fitness goals on the back burner is easy to do. But, the benefits of exercising can’t be ignored and once you get in that routine, you’ll wonder how you survived so long without it.

My commitment to exercise started after I left a high-stress career and picked up a part-time job at the local YMCA. That was when I rediscovered my love for fitness and started acquiring certifications and education that lead me to where I am today. 

Three benefits to exercising

The benefits that I feel from exercising, which in turn trickle down to my family, are numerous. Here are three:

  • I exercise and my kids notice. My son looked at me one day and said, “I want to be as strong as you one day, Mom." That might have been the best compliment I’ve ever received. Our kids watch what we do and want to be like us … though they might never admit it! 
  • I can play with my kids. They want me to play football and soccer with them, and I can!  I’m not winded or sore the next day.
  • But the biggest benefit for me is the stress relief factor. Any pent-up frustration from the day, I release through my workout. When I am with my family, I’m more focused and present!  The small amount of time spent away from them while I’m at the gym or on a run is absolutely worth the benefit of being more available while I’m home. 

My favorite phrase to remember is this: I’ve regretted sitting on the couch, but I have NEVER regretted working out. Don’t put it off, because your family and your body will thank you once you start.

  Erica Hinsdale is a personal trainer and owner of Fit Chicks Studio, a women-only fitness and    wellness studio located in Erie, Pa.