Our Family Moves: Crunches

April 5, 2019

Macaroni Kid encourages quality family time and wellness in all that we do. 

We know that families working towards a common goal can do anything with teamwork and each other’s support. We know that bettering your family is your goal and we aim to give you some tools to do so. ”Our Family Moves” is about making a commitment to move together. 

After all, “the family that plays together stays together!" 

Simply print this calendar, fill in your team’s names, discuss the challenge, and talk strategy! Divide up the task so that it’s doable, yet challenging and rewarding for all. Make a plan for the day, the week, and the month. Break it up, keep track, and most importantly, support one another! Hang this “Our Family Moves” calendar on the fridge, or somewhere everyone can see, and remember to do your part each day.

Wonder how to do a proper crunch? Check out this video:

*Note: Macaroni Kid is not responsible for injury. Consult your doctor before new exercises.