Spring is in Full Swing: Plan a Family Garden

By Joanie Barr May 3, 2019

The fresh air, longer nights, and beautiful temperatures ... what a great time of year to grow a garden with your family! Kids will love getting their hands dirty and watching their plants grow, while parents can enjoy the time watching kiddos learn something new. All of you will love that extra time together outdoors! 

Here are five tips for gardening with your family: 

1. Choose the right spot

Make sure the chosen location gets enough sun and is convenient to water. If you’re starting a new garden to be maintained by kids, keep the project small. That will set them up for success! 

2. Try pots

If an in-ground garden doesn't work for your home, pots can be just as fun! Make sure the size of the pot is appropriate for the plants/flowers, fill your pot with a quality potting soil, and find a spot appropriate for the amount of sunlight your plants/flowers will need.

3. Encourage interest

Watching your plants grow is like magic for your kids. Encourage their interest by observing with them how fast the plants grow and talking to them about why plants need water and sun.

4. Be prepared!

Remember to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated while gardening. 

5. Record these moments 

Remember to have a camera on hand, both to record these special family memories and to take before and after pictures of your plants so your family can mark how much they've grown.

The family time in a garden will make your springtime extra special and the loving memories will last long into the summer!

Joanie Barr is the Fitness Manager at the Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center in Washington, Pennsylvania.