A Season of Change: How to Help Your Body Transition Into Fall

Listening to your body can help you make a healthy and positive transition season to season

By Jenny Steadman October 4, 2019

We live in a modern world, but our bodies still respond to the rhythm of the seasons, and more specifically the changes in season. I have learned over the years that if I lean into these changes, my body reacts more quickly and positively than if I wait until, for instance, the dead of winter. 

If this sounds a bit out-there for you, stick with me:


We live in a global world where we can eat berries year-round and purchase food locally that can't grow in our region. An example for this Ohio girl: mangoes. While eating globally is undoubtedly delicious and allows us to eat what we want and when we want, our bodies thrive on eating with the local season. What this means changes depending on what part of the country you live in, of course, but for me, this means apples and pears in the fall. Just thinking of these foods makes me feel warm inside on a crisp fall day. What grows in your region of the world in the fall and winter? Find recipes that focus on these foods and your body will be happy!


Fall means it gets darker earlier in the evening and stays darker into the morning. In pre-electricity times, we went to bed when the sun set and woke up when it rose. Of course, we have plenty of electricity and light now, so we stay up late and then have trouble waking up because it is still dark outside. Take a cue from your body's rhythm and try to get more sleep in the colder months by going to bed earlier.


Fall and winter is a time to seek out warmth. Long ago we would gather around fires and sit close for warmth. Nowadays we don't need to worry about staying warm, but that doesn't mean we don't crave the closeness for friends and loved ones. Seek quiet nights at home with loved ones and fun times with friends. It will warm your heart.


We tend to slow down in the winter. It's hibernation time. I suggest you listen to your body, but also keep moving. Exercise is important year-round. If you're eating well and getting enough sleep, this will be easy.

None of these things require drastic change. Listen to your body, be aware of the daylight and seasonal food changes, and the transitions in the time of year will be easier on your body season after season.