STEM, Sports or Arts Summer Camp? Choose your favorite and SAVE!

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June 17, 2021

Summer camp is a fun and safe way for kids to explore new activities, discover topics of interest, and learn more about them. Research shows that summer camp also helps to overcome learning loss, particularly by providing structure, routine, and hands-on activities.

Summer camps also provide sustained physical activity. Depending on their interests, kids can participate in a wide range of athletic pursuits building muscle and improving cardiovascular conditioning. This builds a foundation for healthy habits.

At summer camps, kids work together on projects or shared goals. Whether STEM, arts, or sports, campers encourage and depend on one another.

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KidzToPros offers a range of popular STEM, arts and sports summer camps for kids from Pre-K to grade 12. Some of a child’s favorite experiences come from participating in summer camps. At KidzToPros camps, kids can explore a variety of topics in a fun and engaging environment. Strong partnerships with local schools allow KidzToPros to bring the highest quality programming directly to your community.

Let’s explore KidzToPros summer camp options and the benefits of different programs:

STEM Summer Camps

  • STEM programs spark curiosity and excitement. Coding camps teach about loops and algorithms while others teach kids to mobilize robots and create obstacle courses.
  • Kids learn the importance of teamwork. Campers must listen to each other and cooperate.
  • The sessions also teach creative thinking and problem-solving.
  • Kid-friendly and challenging at the same time. Campers quickly get into the fun and special effects. They do this while engaged in lessons according to age, subject level, and interest.
  • Sense of accomplishment. Even young campers feel a sense of pride in themselves after a job well done.
  • Learning a new coding language through play. Having fun helps cement the lessons. Kids don’t even realize they’re learning and becoming more comfortable in a world of programming.

ARTS Summer Camps

  • Visual learning:  learning art skills such as drawing and digital design often makes literature, history and the humanities come alive.
  • Hand-eye coordination: Something as simple as coloring or tracing objects, whether in person or online, helps strengthen pathways between eyes and hands.
  • Build confidence: Young artists learn how to create for themselves first. This emphasizes self-trust and inner approval.
  • Healthy emotional expression: When children spend time performing, thinking about their experiences, and processing emotions, they learn patience, reflection, and options.
  • Empathy for others. When children step into a character’s shoes, they learn differences and similarities between cultures and traditions. They learn compassion.
  • Improves problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Thespians and band/chorus members learn lines, lyrics, and direction. These thought patterns are also used to imagine new outcomes as they grow older.
  • Confidence goes up. When young actors see that curtain rise, they feel slightly nervous. A tad anxious. Conquering that fear gives rise to higher self-esteem.
  • How to keep a beat. Learning music teaches campers to appreciate rhythm.
  • Develop public speaking skills. Most of us will speak before some kind of audience. Either in our personal or professional lives. These events are less frightening if we practice as younger people.

SPORTS Summer Camps

  • Maintaining a lifestyle that includes the right amount of physical activity is extremely important to overall health, especially for kids. When children are young, healthy habits like regular exercise create a strong foundation for good health. That foundation serves them well as they get older.
  • Physical activity improves mood, outlook, and overall mental health. Staying active reduces stress by providing space for youngsters to think and reflect while doing other things.
  • Organized team sports require kids to learn and hone their ability to communicate, both verbally and non-verbally. They learn the value of working together to achieve a common goal.
  • If they learn a little about many different sports, this leads to good exercise regimens and a well-rounded disposition.
  • Sports-specific camps help them practice at sports they play during the school year. Tennis, basketball, and soccer camps help kids perfect techniques, work on conditioning and drills, and overall boost performance and endurance.

Register now for a KidzToPros Summer Camp and SAVE $75 with code MK-75!