Become an Outsideologist: Ways to #GetOutside with Claritin® & MacKID

Claritin® aims to get kids to spend one more hour outside each week for better health

By Kristen Wright Matthews, publisher of Macaroni KID College Park, East Point, Morrow, Ga. September 10, 2021

Macaroni KID and Claritin® have come together to offer family fun activities that are sure to help your family to un-bore the outdoors all year long. Yes, I said un-bore ... because, believe it or not, many kids actually find going outside boring.

Disclaimer: The author received an Outsideologist Project Kit and compensation for this article. All thoughts and opinions expressed are her own.

A new survey from the makers of Claritin® found that 72% of parents surveyed believe their family doesn’t spend enough time outside. But when they do get outside, 49% of parents report that their kids find the outdoors boring. Times sure have changed. You couldn’t pay me to stay inside when I was a kid, and thankfully my boys are the same. 

My boys love spending time outside and I love sharing these special times with them, although mostly behind the camera capturing the moments. I’m super excited to partner with Claritin® to encourage kids in my community to #GetOutside too.

To arm parents with tools and resources to encourage more time outside, Claritin® has launched The Outsideologist Project, which aims to get 1.2 million kids outside for an extra hour per week for better health. The initiative provides families with expert-guided activities to bust boredom and foster a love of being outside.

All kids should have access to outdoor spaces to play and enjoy fun activities that help them discover the wonders of the outside. Whether you're exploring in your own backyard or visiting a park or local trail, having the right tools can make your adventures even more fun! Spending quality time with my family outside is a priority, and I’m excited to partner with Claritin® to show kids what wonders nature has in store for them to discover.

Here are six of my family’s outdoor adventure faves:

Go For A Dig

Grab a shovel and a pail or box and just dig. Your child can pretend to plant flowers, or plant them for real. We do both! During the pandemic, we learned how to plant our own food, so if you're ready to take it a step further, log on to YouTube and learn how to grow your own food. Way to grow and glow!

Go On A Scavenger Hunt

See how many varieties of insects and animals you can spot. Remember to only use your eyes and ears – look and don't touch!

Move Your Feet

Go for a walk, a jog, or take a hike.  

Ride It Out

Ride your bikes around the neighborhood or find a great local trail.

Put Your Head In The Clouds

Look up at the clouds, in the trees, and maybe even do a little birdwatching.

Help Around The House

Being helpful and kind is a priority around my house. The grass has to be cut so why not allow your tween or teen to do it while you take a break? You can even tip them, which teaches about earning and saving money.

Studies show that spending time outside helps build confidence in kids, promotes happiness and creativity, and even teaches responsibility. I think most of us could use all of this right now.

Join us in getting one extra hour a week outside. Get inspiration from The Outsideologist Project on Instagram and Facebook! Share your outdoor adventures using hashtag #GetOutside. You can find Claritin® on Facebook & Instagram.